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Tree Transformation
Oracle Cards

Tree Transformation Cards

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Trees are aware of us and vibrantly alive, even interactive. These are their messages.

Using the tree cards, you will find a splendid opportunity to connect, slipping between the film of common reality to the larger world of enduring magic and life.


The Tree Transformation Cards are an oracle of your unfolding awareness.

The cards are divided into twelve categories that resemble a soul’s journey on the path of experiencing life and awakening. These areas include trees of the underworld, compassion and healing, advisors, rebirth, action, beauty, creativity and more. Colors on the backs of the cards are coded to each of these areas.

Included with the cards is the Tree Oracle Spread. This layout offers in-depth guidance for all matters. It evokes the tree: roots, trunk, and canopy. These are the portals used by shamans to access realms of greater knowing and connection.


"...all is okay, you do not need to do anything, analyze, assess, or know anything. You don't need to figure anything out. There is no problem"

-Modoc Cypress

tree oracle back cover

Tree Transformation Oracle Cards

Tree Transformation Cards are an oracle of your soul’s unfolding. The messages are from the trees. There are 53 cards in total with 50 different tree messages, plus a Tree Oracle Spread, and a guide to the colors on the back of the cards that reveal another layer of your journey.

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