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Self-Guided Forest Experience

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Self-Guided Forest Bathing Experience

Connecting with trees nurtures our well-being, from which joy, creativity, resilience, and renewal flow. 

Site-specific and contact-free, Self-Guided Forest Experiences are an excellent, year-round, pandemic-safe, truly unique, wellness activity to offer your guests, clients, or employees.

Scientists have measured the effects of being in the forest, with trees, and found that reactionary fight or flight impulses decrease, and dopamine and other feel-good chemicals increase in our bodies (learn more).

The ideal combination of adventure and meditation, Self-Guided Forest Experiences are custom-designed for resort, campus, forest, park, courtyard or even a city street.

It only takes meeting one tree to lift your mood and transform your day! 

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Self-Guided walk created for Skamania Lodge.

Created with intention, terrain, clientele and duration in mind, these interactive forest experiences include clearly marked “Meet A Tree” stops at which experiential prompts can be accessed via a printed or recorded guide. These prompts guide the participant to awaken to the energy of the forest. They also are inspired by and particular to the individual trees at the stop and include:  

  • Introduction to Forest Bathing including history and benefits

  • Brief history of our connection with trees and current scientific tree news

  • Information on the tree species at the stop and how to connect with its unique and vital energy

  • Simple yet effective physical movements, such as qigong or breathwork, to open the senses and awaken presence 

  • Meditative guidance on how to go deeper and be fully present with the trees

As the forest is ever-changing, so the Self-Guided Forest Experience can be repeated endlessly for spontaneous enjoyment and discovery.

Image by Hutomo Abrianto

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Please contact me for more information and to plan your custom, site-specific contact-free walk in the trees.

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