Tree Initiation Retreats


This series includes five weekly retreats to bring you into the flow of tree energy and to awaken the memory that you hold of this connection. This connection will enliven your senses and your intuitive "knowing" and open your channel to the great abundant joy that runs through all things, including you!


Each week you will receive:


Guidance and Meditation. This will be written and audio. You can bring this with you on your journey to meet a tree. You will receive two guided meditations to deepen your experience.


Meeting with a Tree.  Each week you will go more deeply into this transformative experience. This is so exciting and powerful. Learning how to meet a tree will open your life forever.


Journaling. This will record your experiences. Often, tree meetings come in a state of heightened awareness- a shift from normal activity. Recording and writing about your experiences deepen your understanding.


Consultation. I look forward to hearing about your experiences and offering any tips to aid your transformation.


  • Week One: Learn to connect with the earth and the powerful, abiding support that is always available.

  • Week Two: Be held and imbibe root energy. This connection invites the release of suffering. Root energy is within and this is a re-learning of this truth. Bathe in the refuge that is here for you.

  • Week Three: Enter into the "body" of the tree that calls to you. Allow your energies to merge and to be fully present. This brings many "ah-ha" moments. When you connect with a tree, you meet the tree with your heart.

  • Week Four: Expand your energy field and be present. Deepening your abilities to meet trees and to leave your ego mind out of it.

  • Week Five: Increase your skills and more readily meet the subtle energy streams that flow from trees. Understand with your visceral knowing how trees connect in community. Recognize a greater sense of time.




                                                                                                 Price: $50.00