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Personal Session

Personal Session 

Your one-on-one session begins with tuning into the energy of the trees followed by an in-depth Tree Card Oracle Reading.

The focus for this two hour experience is on what is uppermost for you, your life challenges, direction choices, endings and new starts, or a general opening to receive what the trees offer to you.

We then meet trees that you have chosen in the reading and you can directly feel their energy and receive messages or insight from your trees.

When you feel the life of the tree, the specific energy that is the tree, your life is joyfully transformed. Trees are no longer just trees for you, but your allies and even friends and the forest becomes your joyful refuge. 
Your session includes simple qigong movements chosen to open your senses and easy connection with the forest, history, and lore for the trees we are meeting, and lots of personal help to go deeper. The entire session is a sweet meditation evoking the support and connection from the trees.

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