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17 Ways to Connect with Earth, Trees and Joy when Indoors

This online course enables you to quickly be present, connected with nature and be happy, even when you are inside.

Included are 17 short, guided videos such as Meet a Tree, Pilgrimage, Forest Bathing, Creativity and Contentment that can be enjoyed in any order, and often repeated.

Created for those times when you are inside, yet long to experience the wonder and "rightness" of nature, of being alive and rooted in joy.
In just 2-10 minutes, you can change your state and be centered.


Tree Speak!

Step out
of this mind-crazy world.

This course is not about information, but about stepping out of information into direct experience.

It is about the joy of connecting, exploring, and grounding with earth, trees, and being.

You will experience the mind-boggling energy shifts offered by meeting trees and learn how to get your own answers.

You may get messages from your trees.

You will have a relationship with your trees.


You will experience greater sensitivity to energy and enjoy stillness.


Tree Transformation Oracle Cards

Trees are aware of us and vibrantly alive, even interactive. These are their messages.

Image by Kevin Young


Immerse yourself in the grounding presence of trees with our courses. Designed to help you escape the constant stream of information and enter a space of direct, joyful experience, these courses will guide you in connecting deeply with nature.


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Image by Steven Kamenar

Forest Bathing

The forest is resoundingly about connection and community from the most microscopic interaction to the biggest tree housing multitudes, sharing its resources through root networks, and finally by becoming a nurse log. The experience of being in the forest, in the trees, is life-affirming and juicy good all the way through our being. 


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Image by David Vig


Discover the joy of connecting with trees on a profound level. Join our tree-connecting workshops and discover the joy and tranquility that comes from connecting deeply with trees and nature. Embrace the harmony and peace that nature offers.


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My Story

In the summer of 2007, I suddenly craved being in the mountains, hiking in the trees. Unusual for me, this demand increased in me until I found the respite I required in the Columbia River Gorge, Falls Creek Falls Hike.

I would hike to the falls, usually the only person on the trail, and sit in blissed-out meditation and ask for guidance. I would receive messages and poems. I wrote and I searched, I was on fire. Something big was moving through me...

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Portland, OR


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"With outstretched branches reaching to the far extent of my physical being, I offer you my gifts, my heart, my passion."

-The Trees

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