A Life-Changing Connection


There is a simple and direct way to peace, joy, presence, clarity of purpose, and healing.


The mystery of it is that it has been here all along. I found it by some great luck, or grace, and have been hooked since. It may be just outside your door.


It is trees and the effects of spending time with trees. 


a Personal Reading
  Tune-in tools for insight and
heart opening.
Tree card readings align you with the energies that need to awaken in you, that flow from trees to you and give your life journey a greater vision.
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    Tree Transformation

    Card Readings

Tree Transformation Sessions

Healing, Growth, Insight, Decisions

   This is an individual session that focuses on your personal situation whether that is a life change, healing, spiritual connection, or the great need for insight. 

Forest Bathing +
Connect with Trees


a Personal Retreat 

Your personal adventure and deep somatic experience in the forest. 

Regularly in Portland, Oregon or we can create a wild retreat of our making.


It is a thrilling journey to set forth in the forest and to experience your mood shifting from mind entangled problems to curiosity and pleasure. Joy, energy, and great happiness arise; and then, when you are fully present to the trees, to connect with a tree that calls to you and to "meet" it.


Japanese scientists have been studying the physical effects of consciously being in trees (Forest Bathing) and have found that within a few minutes our immune function is increased, stress and blood pressure drop, mood and concentration improve and so much more.


I have found that each tree species transmits its own energy, a quality such as peace, stillness, transcendence, female and male power, compassion, joy, and wisdom for example. From this discovery, I have created Tree Transformation Cards that offer key insights to your place in your life journey.


In the retreats offered above (both online and in-person) along with your personal tree card reading, you have what you need to begin your own transformative discovery.


I had to get to the bottom of my restlessness and to know what was "missing".


I began hiking deep into the wilderness and asking for direction. One day I stopped or was stopped, by a large fir and met a radiant, present, and wise being. This meeting literally transformed my aching heart and wandering quest.


Trees were no longer just trees, but powerful beings that transmit a constant presence and aliveness. I believe that the transformation offered by trees is endless, and it is certainly a beloved journey.


It is pivotal to your well-being to know, without doubt, that you are deeply connected (rooted) to the earth and know this is your home. Meeting trees connects you to oneness and life in all things. You know your part in the great unfolding. This fills you with joy and opens your heart.

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Flora Rudolph

It will make you wildly happy!