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Tree Speak!

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On-line and outside, your five-week course to step out of this mind-crazy world and into connection and discovery. Experience more presence and joy. Get clarity and answers.  Learn to connect with the earth, trees, and yourself. These are skills you can use and develop forever.



Welcome and thank you so much for joining in this adventure of meeting trees.

Included in this introduction is a video on using the cards. Please watch this video, and before opening the first module do a full reading with your new cards. For this reading, clear your mind and focus on the course and what is here for you. Then, with this focus choose cards for the seven places on the Tree Oracle Spread.

Journal your thoughts about the reading. Enjoy exploring your new cards! If you have any questions, about any part of the course, we will have Q&A at the group Zoom meetings on the first Sunday of each month. The meetings start at 11:00 am PST. You can also email me at

As most of us are used to trees being background, we probably don’t notice when trees call to us. They do this by catching our attention. If you look at a group of trees, one will stand out to you. This is the tree that wants to connect. Quite trippy, but this is what happens. When you begin to connect and to meet the tree you will discover what it has for you, typically an energy shift or a message.

Give yourself time to enjoy this process!


With outstretched branches reaching to the far extent of my physical being, 

I offer you my gifts and my heart, my passion—The Trees

hawthorn (4).jpg

In the beginning, there was the forest and the trees. Later, we tried to understand things. As intelligent beings, we came up with these stories. 

If you lived in Scandinavia, you understood that Embla emerged from the elm tree and was the first woman. Aska emerged from the ash tree and was the first man. The Celts knew that the first woman came from mountain ash and the first man from alder. Zoroasterian and Parsis books record that “the original human pair, Maschia and Maschiana sprang from a tree in Heden, a delightful spot where grew homa and haoma, the marvelous tree of life whose fruit imparted vigor and immortality.” From this terrain came the Christian stories of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

If you were Roman, you knew that the first humans were born from oak trees. Or if you were Scottish then it was clear that the ash is the maternal ancestor of humanity. Similarly, in Greece, a race of men was formed from the ash tree by Zeus. The world over, in every history, is the emergence of humans from a sacred tree central to their life and typically also a world tree that is the center of the universe.  


In “The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology” Joseph Campbell wrote: 

Up above there is a certain tree where the souls of the shamans are reared before they attain their powers. And on the boughs of this tree are nests in which the souls lie and are attended…The higher the nest in this tree, the stronger will the shaman be who is raised in it, the more he will know, and the farther he will see. (p. 256)

Tree roots were known to travel to the underworld or the world of unconscious mystery, death, and life beyond. The tree body expresses in the middle world where we also live our mundane human life circumstances and the branches reach to the upper world or the world of guidance, spiritual and intuitive messages, and transcendence. These are the three realities used by shamans and incorporated into our psychological understanding of consciousness and our hierarchy of existence.

image2 (1).jpg

Driving by the forest, the trees quickly passing as a background tapestry while we are on our phones, in conversation, or in our thoughts, we may give a quick nod to the beauty and feel a twinge of ancient memory. If our minds are clear we may even recall the feel of earth under our feet, and the great relief of being supported by the vitality of the forest. 


There is so much more. 


“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life.”—Herman Hesse 


Perhaps our hierarchy of life which puts humans at the top of the world order is a story we created because we cannot conceive that we humans might not be the superior species. What if long, long ago in a far-away land, when life on the planet was young, other species learned to live in a connected balance and to understand and respect the rhythms of the earth?

Trees move fluidly with the forces of the planet and with the life journey that flows through their beings. They live in harmony within a connected community. They do not create fear, rather they offer loving kindness. They offer their gifts freely and continuously. They live to their fullest capacity wherever they are planted. They are exquisitely sensitive to energy and to their environment. They are exquisitely sensitive to us when we are near.

In this story, what if the whole thing is backward and we are the destructive adolescent species that has not yet evolved to have the grace, maturity, and wisdom of trees? What if trees truly are our teachers and guides? Ponder this and see how we humans stack up. Spend time with trees and see how you evolve for the better as you learn to connect and reunite with earth, with your own grounded presence and joy.

We are in a time where we ache for connection and for the joy that is our true nature to be prominent in our experience. We ache to have the qualities of trees. We are poised to change our life experience.

From my manuscript, Meeting Trees- A Life-Changing Connection

Tree Transformation Card Video Instructions

The Essential Shift

Directional Exercises

Directional ExerciseFlora Rudolph
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QuietFlora Rudolph
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Essential Shift

Essential Shift MeditationFlora Rudolph
00:00 / 07:08

Sense Exercises

Sense ExercisesFlora Rudolph
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