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Year of the Larch,2021

Larch Time

In astrology traditions, today, the Spring Solstice, is the beginning of the new year.

It is when the sun enters Aries a sign of action and the fire element. It is a fitting time to announce that larch is the tree of the year! Why larch? Larch calls us to go beyond present boundaries and move into new territory. It is a personal call to go toward what is quietly calling to you and urging

you to look closer. After the year we have experienced, the current mishmash of beliefs, and toss-up of structures, rules, and expectations, there is an opening, "a crack letting the light in",

and we have a moment to reflect and decide what we want, how we really want to live, and what is important to us. Exciting choices but also a bit crazy-making. Larch urges us to contemplate our tender desires, let the vision of these longings take form, and take action. This may be a full-life shift or a slight movement into something that is interesting to you but a bit uncomfortable. Right now there is an opening in our collective energy, and a possibility of change. Larch urges us to

stand as if in an open light-filled doorway, to move toward our edge and leap. It is challenging to leap, but clinging to the edge, to the old and already lived, is not what the moment calls for. It is a wonderful, not often attained place where we can choose as individuals and as our beautiful collective humanity, who we will be and what we will

cherish going forward. That is the leap called for now. Happy New Year and Happy Year of the Larch.

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