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Willow, Tree of the Year 2023

Willow opens your channels of imagination and connects you to the stream of creativity that flows through the collective consciousness. It lifts you to a gathering of vision and new ideas.

Supple, bending, and feminine willow embodies the water element. Its energy is ethereal, flowing, cleansing, emotive, and nurturing. This is less an energy of embodiment and more an experience of your expansive energy field beyond the boundaries of form.

Willow’s energy transmission is very female. You can sense the water element and smell the mustiness. Its intoxicating fragrance is earthy and woody. Willow is private and transmits the deeper internal energy and more sheltered aspects of being female, of body. Given their freedom, willow’s branches and leaves will sweep the ground, draping over the tree and enclosing it.

It is a heart and womb—belly—opening tree. You may feel your belly and heart rise to meet it and experience this lovely energy throughout your body.

If you are male, it offers you a connection to these memories and tides within your body. Connecting with this aspect of your being, with willow, can greatly increase your intuitive capacities.

Willow has a unique effusive energy. Meeting willow, you feel as if your body boundaries fade and a wonderful feeling of suppleness, flexibility, and moving, almost like being a rubber band, fills your awareness. At the same time, you are grounded. It is a beautiful feeling to be grounded with the energy vibrant in your feet, connected to the earth, and simultaneously feeling dreamy and flexible. You may also feel spacey and a little trippy, like you are experiencing a willow drug.

(Aspirin was derived from willow.)

It is very adaptable. If uprooted willow quickly puts down roots in a new environment. When branches of willow are no longer useful, the tree throws them off and then uses its energy elsewhere. The cast-off branch often grows into an identical tree, a clone of the original.

Drawing this card is excellent when you need to chill out and go into another place, another dimension, and do this in a dreamy and non-confronting way. This dimension is here all the time, of course, yet willow is so different from any other tree. After being with willow, it may become evident how useless it is to worry. Your mind may seem burdensome and limiting.

The transformation offered by willow is seductive. You may feel magnetized to it and never want to leave. It is also beautiful and serene. The drooping branches barely moving on the wind add to its seductive magnetizing energy. It has been called a tree of enchantment. When you surrender to the call of the willow, let it work its magic on your transformation even though you may not know in your mind what it is about specifically. Trust this process.

After being with willow for twenty minutes or so, pull away and look around. You will find that you notice so much more than you had seen previously. You are in a dreamy, grounded, present, and sweetly aware state. The world is still and alive. Willow’s transmission is extraordinary.

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