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What do these trees have to do with each other?

I drew these cards today and they are so perfectly connected, as usual, in deep soulful and joyful counsel.

For example, Ash: stand in your own authority. Ash radiates this powerful energy. This is an internal authority and not something that you "try on" from the outside. It is pure and unquestioning and very transformative for most of us who do not necessarily honor our own inner authority- continuously.

It is a perfect card when you feel a bit lost or pulled in many directions and just uncertain.

Ash only knows to stand in its own authority and therefore lives with certainty and centeredness.

The lore, or what humans have believed in the past, is that Ash has magic powers, especially with healing. Its wood is both tough and flexible giving us an example of how to go about embodying its gifts.

Take a few moments and breathe into your own awareness and knowing. Move through your day from your own inner authority.

Similarly, Ginko and Black Walnut continue to expand on the themes and offer their own wise resources to the reading.

Readings are $20.00 and are a wonderful treat for yourself or special gifts. Please email at Floratreelove@gmail to order.


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