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Your life unfolds as your consciousness unfolds.

There is no timeline for meeting opportunities.

Opportunities exist in energy fields.

They are met when tuning to these energy fields and are available at all times.

Witch Hazel

Divination, Early Bloomer, Purity, and Truth

Witch Hazel is a visionary and knows the ways of bringing what is pure, healing, and true into the physical world. It is a potent healer and can mend and clarify your heart s it nurtures your body. It clears you of negativity and patterns that do not serve your well-being or truth so that you shine more clearly and brightly.

It is an early bloomer lighting the way through winter with lemon yellow, fuchsia, red, or orange bursts of spidery-like flowers with lemon astringent scent. Although the flowers are delicate looking, they are tough and roll up in protection when temperatures drop and unfurl again, perfect when warmth returns...

Witch hazel has a potent and mysterious transformative energy. This generally unassuming sweet plant brings healing in every part of its structure. It clears negativity and brings truth and positive energy into your body, energy field, and relationships. Witch hazel transmits subtle energy that builds in its gifts as you engage with it.

It releases and heals heartbreak on many levels and opens your channels for pure intent and knowing, or divination. It is a visionary and knows the ways of bringing what is pure, healing, and true into the physical world, sharing its light especially when it is darkest... It purifies the heart and emotional body opening pathways for good to emerge. It brings hope and a soft joy...

Its effects are immediate, whether used as a healing tonic or as a spiritual clarifier. Working with witch hazel, your own clairvoyant and divining abilities will gain strength and you will find that you know things immediately and simply.

You may experiment by bringing witch hazel into a meeting. People will more easily tell the truth and reveal themselves more fully...

Witch hazel is a healing gift to work with over several days as its mysteries will open to you in ever-deepening and rich revelations.

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