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Tree Transformation

Feeling undone? Challenged with stress, divorce, life changes, the world? Do you need a greater spiritual alignment and connection with life? Are you unhappy? Do you need to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually? Are you in great need of peace and life direction?

A Tree Transformation Session is a life-changing connection focusing on your personal issue. It is effective for healing your body and heart and to gain clarity around life transition decisions. Trees not only clean our air, but they graciously help to process emotions and bring us to joy and peace. It has been proven by many scientists that trees heal. They can awaken you spiritually.

Trees helped me to recover from a serious traumatic brain injury!

I have been discovering and meeting new trees for several years as well as researching what humans have believed about different species. I have discovered which trees tend to be the most helpful for different situations such as grief, loss, realignment with life purpose, clarity, wisdom, comfort and more. It is truly amazing, gentle and powerful!

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