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The Christmas Tree

Eastern Weeping White Pine

Tree of Peace

This delicate, open and grounded tree vibrates with the sweet, ethereal, angelic realms, and if there were a tree that could bring us closer to embodying this frequency, this would be it.

Its energy and welcome are joyful and expansive. It brings you to lightness, yet as a tree it also transmits earthy, grounded energy. When you are with it you feel the earth energy coming through your feet, legs, and hips, and then a great sweet opening to spirit.

Historically, To the Iroquois people, the white pine is a symbol of the Great Peace that united their separate nations into an enduring League. In the legend there was a terrible conflict between five different nations of people. This conflict was rooted in cycles of pain, revenge, and chaos.

A messenger of peace was sent from the Great Spirit. This “Peacemaker,” sought to unite the five warring tribes. After convincing them to unite, they came together to make peace, but they still carried their weapons. The Peacemaker uprooted a white pine tree and had them throw all of their weapons into the hole. He then replanted the tree, and the underground waters carried away the weapons.

On the tree, the needles grew in clusters of five, to represent the five nations who came to find peace. The roots of the tree spread out in four directions, to the north, south, east and west; the roots are called the roots of peace. An eagle perched on top of the tree to watch over the roots of peace. Under the tree, the branches spread wide for all to gather. (From the Druid's Garden. The full legend is here

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