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There is nothing like a tree.

Witch hazel is an early bloomer. It has many attributes including purity, divining, and visionary abilities.

It can show us the way from deep winter to the new and fresh. It reveals as you spend time with it.

If you are feeling muddled, stymied, or overwhelmed or all of these and more a simple walk in the trees, followed by a look, notice, and stop will set you back on your trail. Wandering is one of the best ways to be present. Just wander, follow your body's intuition and see which trees call to you. Meet these trees and see what is offered in the connection. It is so perfect. This is often how I meet new trees and discover their distinct energy. Another way is to pull two or three of my Tree Transformation Cards and go to those trees. I love doing this with someone and seeing their personal dilemma unfold and resolve. Often an additional tree jumps into the session and it then becomes a combination of the two approaches. So magical and always amazing to connect with a different species and to know the aliveness that is everywhere. I just did a reading for a woman from San Antonio who was curious and had never been to Portland and who had not previously focused on trees. She started out tightly held, like these witch hazel blossoms do at first, and then as the tree cards revealed answer after answer to her questions, she unfolded with the sweetest smiles and joy. She did not know any of the trees, yet now she does and she wrote the following note:

Flora was a very kind and warm person. It was a great experience to get to know her and her gift. It was nice to get an insight into the trees and how you can use that to enrich your life. Go in with an open mind and you'll get out of it as much as you put into it. M.M.

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