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Spruce Energy

Today, I intended to visit the Hornbeams, but my body had other plans. I was experiencing a vague but unpleasant restlessness and it became clear that I craved Stillness.

The Hornbeams bring plenty of Stillness and profound Peace, but I was inner directed to the Spruce, and to the Norwegian Spruce specifically.

Now I am leaning against this large Spruce, sitting between big roots and leaning back supported by this ever present, enduring patriarch of a tree. It is very cold, but I am okay here held by the energy of the tree.

I am reminded to release the pesky thoughts and energy patterns that do not serve me, and I would urge you to survey your awareness now and make a list of all that you want to release. For me, that is a very old patterned default of melancholy that just likes to slide in and take a big seat in my day, and a little unworthiness nudge that comes in on my left side.

The prompt to release all that is of low vibration comes from the higher frequency of the Spruce and its connection with our energy field. Let this process quickly move through you and be here with this giant being. Low energy patterns are swept away by awareness and the huge joy that abides, and again you are present with the Spruce.

Spruce is a big silent type, but it puts out a mighty energy field.

Contemplate Spruce energy by just being present, silent, strong and gentle in your day today. Reread those qualities and take in each one with a breath and a long exhale.



This is the transformation offered by Spruce.

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