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Rowan, Mountain Ash

Please join us for a celebratory tree walk to imbibe the energy of the forest and to meet new trees. We will meet at the Hoyt Arboretum on November 30, at noon.

The energy is so ripe now and my recent meetings with these mighty ones have filled me with so much joy and love that it is almost too much- this, plus all the beauty and I am a grinning fool. I want to experience this with you all as well.

As we move toward winter I can already sense tree energy pulling in deeper to a formidable connection with the earth and sky, like a deep annual meditation and the evergreens are moving to their prime time.

During this healing time for me, Lorijo Daniels and I have been working on the creation of my tree cards. Her photos are smack on and exciting. These cards are coming together in a beautiful way. Yesterday, I was told by a giant sequoia that it would be my guide to help them materialize and many other things, but it is great to know that this giant has my back, and that it can sometimes manifest in the human realm.

To that end, I am almost ready to find a designer for the cards and book. Like Lorijo, who is a passionate tree lover, I am looking for someone who is a perfect fit for this project. Also, given my circumstances, I am also looking for donations for the production. If you know of someone who would be a good fit, please let me know.

Today, I chose a card and it is rowan, mountain ash. This is the image shown.

The card goes like this:

Rowan, Mountain Ash

Sturdiness of Body and Spirit

A super energy force, rowan powers through the whole body with a major boost of physical stamina and "getting on with it" energy.

It has a heady scent and soon you will feel an alert readiness. It is easy to imagine nostrils flaring and a readiness to get on your horse and go do something! Rowan has an energy of hearty gusto that is robust yet also comforting especially for the strong-minded and strong-willed among us.

Rowan offers protection and traditionally it was called on for protection in every matter, mundane and esoteric. It’s energy also fosters a deeper connection and attunement to nature which opens our life for a more meaningful journey and understanding of our connection and part in the mystery.

Choosing rowan, mountain ash, you are invited to sit under rowan to clear out your energy field and to attune to this powerful physical force of realignment. Stay until this is complete and any frustration, confusion or lethargy has gone. Then get back on that horse and ride.

If you are unable to be with a rowan, be with these thoughts and the image. The tree is such a powerful force of energy that I hope you can find one

Please join on Saturday, November 30 at noon at the Hoyt Arboretum Stevens Pavilion across the street from the office. Bring your friends and let's take it all in.

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