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Magic Birch Grove

This living sculpture appears and disappears from awareness. You can be inside it and not be seen, yet you are surrounded by birch energy and held. I finished my book and 50 Tree Transformation Cards a week or so ago. It was a huge amount of work and I was exhausted, so I went to the trees for camaraderie and for guidance on the next task. I intended to visit the plane tree for a big download of vision and alignment, but on my way, I was distinctly called to the birch grove. At the beautiful birch trees, I was told to empty. I needed to empty just as when they outgrow their

bark and it peels away in beautiful sheets of texture and color. I needed to be still and to empty, to stand tall and straight, and to feel the strength and the new that is there, ready to emerge. I pulled three cards: Alder, Dimensional Flow, and Connection, Alder energy moves fluidly between the realms of daily life, the unconscious, or unrevealed, and spirit help. It is immediate as it moves your stagnant energies and restores fluid movement.

Himalayan Pine, Rejuvenation, This gentle tree offers fairy dust to deeply nourish and replenish your body and spirit. Breathe deeply and freely. Feel the pull to the earth and let yourself be safely and soothingly held by this sweet energy of rejuvenation. Lie down and rest.

Spruce, Stillness. The silence is alive and palpable when you enter a spruce forest. Stop your activities and release the pesky thoughts and energy patterns that do not serve you. Survey your consciousness now and bring to awareness all that you want to release. The prompt to release all that is of low vibration comes from the higher frequency of the spruce and its connection with your energy field... Very clear direction, yet, I still went to the plane tree. I was told that there is information for me, but to do what the birch instructed first and then return. Birch is a tree of rebirth. It has access to the underworld and to the spirits of inspiration, it but resides in the physical reality of bringing in the new, of renewal. It is renowned for its beauty and called The Lady of the Woods. It is female energy. It is powerful and aware. Historically, it is a tree of shamans and it is also the traditional tree chosen for the Festival of Flora on May day. (!) I am fully vaccinated and beginning sessions in the trees. The individual sessions are a lovely reveal using the tree cards and meeting your trees. Or, we can focus on an in-depth reading surrounded by the energy of the trees, perhaps in the magical birch grove. Magic Grove Photo by LORIJO DANIELS, SO GOOD.

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