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Hawthorns create a very connected community.They weave a network of powerful energy that can open

They weave a network of powerful energy that can open pathways between what we experience as the unknown, and traditionally have called the underworld or unconscious; what we experience as "reality", that which we see, touch, and sense directly; and what is being delivered or offered from the greater "knowing", the nudge of awareness to what is not yet perceived in "reality" but which we are encouraged to move toward.

This dynamic is hawthorn's magic. Hawthorns have keen awareness. Its power is that, if the tree chooses, it can direct experience.

The lore on hawthorn is extensive with both warnings and celebrations. Its berries are used by us as a heart remedy. It has the ability to heal a wounded physical as well as an emotional heart.

Trees are not humans, yet our science tries to make parallels with them to explain their far reaching and benevolent energies to our minds. I find it more true and more interesting as well to be as curious and open as I can when meeting a tree and to feel/experience who it is, attempting to step out of my mind.

It is the most exciting adventure!! Please contact me if you would like to explore Meeting Trees.

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