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Cosmic Times, Chinese White Pine Guidance

we can know that these energies are moving and affecting us (think water and ocean tides).

Full moons are about releasing, which is a perfect winter and January activity while tuning to a deeper call for the recalibrating of life focus and actions.

I consulted with the Chinese White Pine, which is a tree of renowned great wisdom. This is the offer:

Embrace what is new. Release the past as it no longer serves you, the patterns are not useful, as your life is changing and moving into new directions. The freer you allow yourself to be, the more opportunity will come to you. It is a time of receiving. It is a time of receiving and giving. It is a time of connecting and of gentleness and allowing this to be. It is a time of deep connection. Fierce also—the time is fierce in cutting away and releasing all that is stagnant, all that is outgrown and all that is unconsciousness. There is much guidance here for you. There are much revelation and movement. All will be okay and all will be cared for. Experience the unfolding of each day as you are inner-directed and you will find a great experience and a great mystery unfolding before you and great joy in the puzzle of it, in the adventure. Just receive and release and wake up joyfully every day and continue your joyful experience. Life is so vast and abundant and such a mystery to unfold. Enjoy! Flora
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