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Calm Courage

"Each moment of each day of each year of your life is a potential. Growth, love, joy, connection, and great peace are present always, and it is only a change of the switch in your moment by moment awareness and decisions that determines whether you will choose the great goodies of life or the pervasive, old, low energy responses and trance induced thoughts and feelings that come as a habit. We are beginning to learn that we have this choice and that we can grow what we want." The above is from my book that goes with my tree cards. I am finding it a challenge to live up to, but it is a great and immediate focus.

I hope you are all doing well right now and getting your bearings. Living in consciousness, joy, love, and connection right now is such a challenge as the collective stress level is so high. I am so grateful to just be able to connect with a tree to change the course of my energy, to ground, find immediate peace, and, yes, sweet joy. How to do this? Find a tree and get close. Stay here for at least 10 minutes. Get out of the way with your mind and be a bit curious and attentive to what you feel. Let in the energy of the tree and breathe deeply. Trust this tree with your deep feelings and fear. Please open to the above photo of the Japanese Red Pine by Lorijo Daniels. Its message is that you have everything that you need right now to do your work in the world, whether that is a mundane task or leading others to higher ground. After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan a few years ago a lone pine tree was left standing and it became a symbol of resilience and perseverance, hope and a glad heart. When you meet this tree and even when you pause to reflect on these qualities while looking at the beautiful photo, you can experience these energies.

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