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Bald Cypress in a Reading

These trees have become icons for me when I am not with them and the dearest friends when we are close.

Like most days, today I drew seven cards from my deck of 50, this time to get a direction of where to go when I made it to the trees. I place the cards in the form of a tree with roots, trunk, and canopy.

The cards went like this: In the underworld position (roots), Bald Cypress a tree to process grief and bring resurrection; in the middle, or mundane life position (trunk), Ponderosa Pine, contentment; in the numinous energy influence position (left canopy), Gingko, eternal constancy, buddha-nature; in the guidance position (upper left canopy), Madrone, get things done; in the "what wants to be born through me" position (upper top canopy), Sweet Chestnut, abundance and vitality; in the wisdom position (upper right canopy), Alder, flow; and in the outcome position, (right lower canopy), Modoc Cypress, compassionate releasing.

If you followed all that you can see that the messages were quite compelling, and as always, delivered a clear directive.

I connected with several trees today including the Deodar cedar for centering. I realized how incredible it is that with seven million people on the planet that I have everything I need and more.

Bald cypress clears grief from your body and energy field. It requires your serious intent, but it will bring you to resurrection. Put another way, it can release your grief and restore you to freedom.

I was called to several cedars. Cedar takes you outside your boundaries, releasing boundaries into transcendence where you are energy, consciousness, beyond your form.

I received personal messages on how to heal my eyes and, as always, was surrounded by the most superb support and connection. I left renewed.

I would love to introduce you to your trees and to this connection.

This is how you do it.

Meeting a Tree: How to do this? Find a tree and get close. Stay here for at least 10 minutes. Get out of the way with your mind and be a bit curious and attentive to what you feel. Let in the energy of the tree and breathe deeply. Trust this tree with your deep feelings and fear. Open to the energy of the tree.

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