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Connecting with trees often can transform your life. Really!

This is such a radical wonder and it is here for you 24/7.

As you spend time with your trees, you own energy begins to entrain to the energy of the tree. You begin to receive answers. Each tree, each species has a very different energy, just as we do, however, they are not burdened by our crazy world and our overly active, stressed out minds. Trees' energy transmissions gently guide us to clarity, sanity, and joy.

Trees are always present, clear, generous, and available.

They are aware of us.

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Here are the 10 Free Tips to
Tap into the Calming Magic of Trees and the Answers They Hold for You

Take a mini-pilgrimage and enjoy.


To Start, Prepare Your Awareness

Turn off your devices so you can be fully present.

To begin your connection, when you see a tree say "me, me" and notice the shift of attention that you experience

How to Meet a Tree


1) Go to a tree that calls to you. This is a tree that catches your attention.


2) Stand close to the tree and clear and ground your energy. A simple way to do this is to bounce your heals on the earth with the intent to move the energy from your head through your body and into the ground. Also, move your arms from your sides out and around your body and over your head. With your hands meeting over your head bring your hands down in front of your torso while intending and feeling your energy clear. Be present.


3) Focus your attention on the tree and notice all that you can about it:

Notice its environment and neighbors.

Notice the sun, air, earth, and the sky.

Notice the colors.

Feel the texture of the bark.

Look at the branches and leaves and see the lines and shapes that it creates in the air.

Notice the sounds around you and the tree

Notice the light and how the slightest change in light changes what you see.


4) Focus, for a few moments on the movement of the branches against the sky. 


5) Feel the air on your skin.


6) Walk around the tree and begin to sense its energy.


7) Mind still, place your hands on the tree and lean in. Take in the smell of the tree.

8) Give yourself permission to experience the energy of this being.


9) Stay here for 15-20 minutes or longer.

10) Journal what you felt and experienced during your connection.

To continue your exploration, join me for Tree Speak! a 5-week course that takes you deeper into this magical journey of meeting trees and the transformation it offers.

Here's what we will cover in our 5 weeks together:

Online and outside with your neighborhood trees or forest, explore and receive your mind-boggling, heart opening connection with these wise and tuned-in beings.


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