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There is a simple and direct way to peace, joy, presence, clarity of purpose, and healing.


The mystery of it is that it has been here all along.

I found it by some great luck, or grace, and have been hooked since.

It may be just outside your door.


It is trees and the effects of spending time with trees. 

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Tree Transformation Card Oracle

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The messages on the cards were received from the trees and connect with your ???Each species has its own message and energy transmission.

There are 53 cards in each deck. To purchase and/or to sign up for a full reading:


Forest Bathing: Self-Guided & In-Person

Forest Bathing is the full-sensory immersion in the energy of the woods.

It is a thrilling journey to set forth in the forest and to experience your mood shifting from mind entangled problems to curiosity and pleasure.

Joy, energy, and great happiness arise.

Whether offering Forest Bathing to your co-workers or guests, individuals or a group, Meeting Trees crafts an experience created for discovery and connection that will re-vitalize and inspire. 

It is good anytime, but is especially potent now, when connection is so necessary.

My Story

In the summer of 2007, I suddenly craved being in the mountains, hiking in the trees. Unusual for me, this demand increased in me until I found the respite I required in the Columbia River Gorge, Falls Creek Falls Hike.

I would hike to the falls, usually the only person on the trail, and sit in blissed-out meditation and ask for guidance. I would receive messages and poems.  


I wrote and I searched, I was on fire. Something big was moving through me... more


"With outstretched branches reaching

to the far extent of my physical being,

I offer you my gifts, my heart, my passion."

—The Trees

Let's Connect!

Flora Rudolph
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