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Trees Know Things

I am stunned by attempting to grasp the very short time that we as homo sapiens have been here (about 200,000 years) compared to trees. Evergreens have been here somewhere between 350 and 390 MILLION years. If we now live for 100 years, or soon we will, that is only 2000 back to back life times. (Please correct me if my thinking is skewed.) Put that with the current estimate that civilization has only been happening for 5-6000 years (50-60 of these back to back 100 year life spans) and I drop to my knees in awe of these mighty beings. They KNOW things. They contain the frequencies that calm our minds, center and ground us.

Since the beginning of us, we have revered trees. Until our recent few hundred years of mass forest destruction, tree groves were our sanctuaries, our courtrooms, our community town hall meeting spaces, and where we went for our life connections, great and personal. This was because we recognized, in humble awe, the wisdom found here.

During winter, when nature is in quiet inner retreat, evergreens have been the constant reminder of ongoing life, of green in the darkness, and the qualities of endurance, constancy, majesty and grace.

Each species transmits a different energy, just as we humans do; here are a few of the qualities you will experience when meeting these evergreens:

Fir: Fir is on the job 24/7. Powerful and generally very masculine energetically, Fir is deeply engaged in clearing and cleaning the air as a mighty duty (thank you!) and responding to earth frequencies like a dutiful steward. Firs are often not so interested in human energy as they are on task and focused with the changes of earth.

Cedar: Cedars are a personal favorite. Their energies are transcendent and of exquisite nuance. Meeting Cedars, especially an elder tree, is like meeting an advanced spiritual teacher. If you are open and receptive, Cedars will raise your own vibrational frequency in a direct transmission. As you spend time with Cedars, you will experience mystical realms and be in tune to these energies. Your consciousness will be elevated. Cedars maintain these elevated subtle energy fields.

Pine: I love the Chinese White Pine! It is wise and brings good counsel. When with the Pine, the earthiness of fragrance, the deeply centered and grounded presence is felt like that of meeting a wise sage. You will resolve dilemmas and receive good and practical ideas. These solutions and ideas will just come to you.

Spruce: A tree of profound stillness. Rugged and powerfully enduring, meeting Spruce connects you with the long expanse of life and the earth removed from momentary constraints. They are still and will bring you to an awareness of how powerful and tangible stillness can be. The more time you spend in the energy field of Spruce, the more entrained you will be with embodying deep abiding stillness. (More on Spruce in a post below.)

To meet a tree and begin this adventure, go to a tree that calls to you- that catches your attention. Place your palms and your forehead on the trunk. Thank it for calling to you. Deeply take in the scent of the tree. It will become more fragrant as you enter into the tree's energy. Notice the movement of branches and leaves, the textures and beautiful shapes and lines created by the tree. Take it all in. Stand firmly on the earth and breathe deeply.

Winter is the perfect time to begin this journey. Energy is held deeply inward in nature and the optimal time for us to do this as well.

I would love to hear of your experiences.


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