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Hope your summers were perfect and that you found alder trees to deepen the mysteries in your lives

Hope your summers were perfect and that you found alder trees to deepen the mysteries in your lives and mimosas to sit under to perhaps play music and read poetry. So many trees. So many different tree friends. In August, I broke my back and have been lying under trees but definitely not hiking. When in the trees, all the extra pains and fatigue are gone and it is so much better. I could almost think that I am well, except for the little broken bone that keeps me down. It had been my intent to spend September deliciously engaged with the completion of my cards and the book that goes with, but that was certainly slowed as well. I can't wait to see it finished and to hold it in my hands and to offer it to you. It will be a few more months, but each day I work with these cards and they astound me with their insights. The cards came from so many deeply tuned-in visits and getting to know the 50 trees that shared their powers and messages with me. I am obviously not doing tree walks, Forest Bathing, now (I am allowed to walk two blocks a day, impossible!) However, I am doing readings and in about two weeks I relish doing the one on one sessions in the trees again. I recently had a great connection with a couple from both L.A. and Ireland doing their readings at the Chinese Gardens. It was one of those magical days where we could sit by the pond, watch the koi, drink tea and ask the trees for a bigger picture on life. This was what they said: E and I fully enjoyed our time spent with you and treasure all you shared with the two of us was truly inspiring. I look forward to sharing future experiences together and would love the opportunity to venture out among the trees themselves. Many blessings

Audio Tree Transformation Card Readings

This is a great personal gift, for someone or for yourself. Tree cards selected just for your topic and an audio recording emailed. The readings and insights are spot on and connect with trees that transmit answers in response to your inquiry. $30.00

Tree Card Readings at the Chinese Gardens or in the Trees Chinese Garden readings include entrance fee and tea!

This is an in-depth reading and can cover many questions. The reading will add depth to your thinking, open you to new directions and ways of being and connect you to the presence and support found in nature. $75.00

Personal Transformation Session in the Trees

Schedule this now for mid-October. The trees will be stunning.

This is a 2+hour session. It is powerful and life-changing and works for any situation from releasing stress and anxiety, finding clarity and wisdom, the realignment with your life purpose, releasing sadness and grief, connection with your creative pursuits, spiritual alignment, and presence, really, I have found that the perfect wisdom and awareness found in trees know what you need and it is uncovered in these sessions. $95.00

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