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Embodied, Oh Yeah

It is a common habit to be partly embodied, whether from trauma and excusing ourselves from the body and perhaps the pain of physical or emotional memory, or from the big habit of living in our heads. Our evolution and joy require that we move into our heart and soul essence—our being. This comes from being fully embodied.

Trees do not live in their heads and they offer us the greatest portal into being embodied as they convey, by example, this living energy.

By choosing Embodiment today, your guidance is leading you to establish this delicious connection. Find a great tree that calls to you and connect with its energy. Breathe and sink your roots into the earth. Sense the growing energy within as you take in the experience of this moment—the smells, textures, air, temperature, sounds, light and colors. Open and then close your eyes slowly a few times as you allow everything to be exactly as it is. Be solidly planted, expansive and far reaching, an active participant in the earth, air, water and sun frequencies that move around and through you.

This is eternal life. This is ever expanding awareness that includes everything and runs through all things. It is the common and familiar life that we have been graced with and that we experience through being embodied fully. It is the wisdom of the body that leads our connection and our transformation.

This is as a tree lives and breathes and reaches into earth with sensitive sensory nerves and to the far reaches of its expression in the top of its canopy. It conveys its energy and engages moment by moment in the “middle world” as well. With robust embodiment, a tree monitors its nutrients, its environment, its needs and its community and family. So there is no skipping off into la la experience and then putting it aside for the daily tasks of living, the daily tasks of living are the point of contact, without barrier, between the numinous and the mundane. This is done by being fully embodied.

Embodied, you move with the subtle changes and movement of the great field of consciousness ever in the moment and ever responsive. Allow this great tree teacher to take you ever deeper.

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