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Tree Transformation Card Readings

These readings are tune-in tools for clarity and for an opening to what your soul, your heart, needs to receive.

They will align you with the energies that need to awaken in you, that flow from trees to you,

and give your life journey a greater vision.


Trees are mightly energy beings available to help with your transformation.


All trees offer soothing and grounding, but they also offer much more. Each species has a distinct energy transmission.




For your reading, I go to the trees with your question or life dilemma. From a meditative state on your behalf, I pick your cards and tune into your messages. I record your in-depth session on audio and send it to your email.


The reading includes a description of each of your chosen tree species' energy transmissions, a bit of history of the species and what humans have experienced with it over time, as well as a synopsis of guidance and insight for you. Each reading is specific and unique.




          Facetime or Zoom Reading    $50.00

For a quick idea of the reading, please check out The Sakhalin Fir recording at https://youtu.be/toc7kNBlcrw


 I highly recommend Flora's Tree Readings! Spot on. Tania T.


                           In response to a life quandary: Thank you! It was very powerful and pretty perfect. Kerstin C.


This is simply beautiful!! I absolutely connected with the reading and cannot wait to go to the arboretum and physically connect with these trees. This was so meaningful to me - all three trees and meanings really hit home. I will be watching this a few times to really take it in.  I can’t thank you enough.  💜 Thea E.


Every word rings true, and, what a mighty comfort it is to know I have these magnificent trees standing with me...Beth

Stillness—Spruce energy opens this frequency
Stand in your own authority—Ash
Joy—Dawn Redwood
 Recorded and Emailed Reading     $30.00
In-person, meet at the trees or the Chinese Gardens, (entrance fee is included)
or at the Hoyt Arboretum
Tree Transformation Card Reading       $75.00 
       two person reading         $120.00

Treat Yourself...

In-person, Experiential Reading             $95.00

Enjoy a one on one retreat that starts with a personal reading using my Tree Transformation Cards. I then guide you to connect energetically with your trees. This is a very powerful session and lasts 2+ hours. You learn to identify your guidance trees and begin to connect with their energy. This skill will open your life to new ways of being.



Remember that, after trying everything else, Buddha sat under a tree imbibing tree energy until he awakened!

This is here for all of us.

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