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Tree of the Year!


Choosing cedar is a soul calling to merge with higher vibrations and attune to more subtle realms rarely accessed by humans.

Cedar is a keeper of the subtle and fine vibrations of transcendence. Connecting with cedar is a direct way to embody a higher and more refined vibration frequency. The more often you make this connection, the more this frequency is transmitted to and then enlivened in you.

Cedar is essential for the well-being of the earth. Cedar is constantly receiving, holding, tuning, and transmitting the essential high and delicate vibrations that connect with other realms that we humans rarely access. There are trees that operate with energy fields rarely met by humans and trees that operate in frequencies that do not relate to humans.

As you connect with cedar’s transcendent energies, allow your sense of being a separate self to dissolve and experience this transmission. Stay with cedar and give yourself time to integrate the energy shift.

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