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Magic Is Afoot


I stopped at a sweet bay tree to let others move ahead of me on the path. It pulled me closer and I was connected to its energy. It is full of well-being. This goodness filled my torso and spread like warm sunshine throughout me.

I started to leave and the tree dropped a bay leaf on my head. Laughing, I returned to connect and linger- like staying for tea. I love how trees are so interactive with us.

I had been having severe eye pain that no one could fix. After meeting the sweet bay tree and receiving its generous energy and reminder that energy is immediate, I did Sandra Ingerman's "Journey to the Lower World" shamanic journey. Asking for healing, the tableau unfolded. I was given a large emerald over my right eye and shown a big knot of tangled energy on my right temple, in my energy field. I sliced through the knot, like the gordian knot, and released the energy.

Returning from the journey, my eye was free and about 90% of the trouble was gone and it continues to release.

I returned to the sweet bay tree and spent time taking in the well-being vibration. The tree lives just above an intersection of paths where people seem to spew their troubles and irritations to fellow hikers as they decide which way to go. The bay tree in its delightful, grounded and open-hearted, yet detached way, processes the humans' low vibrations as well as their carbon dioxide.

Being shown this by the tree, I am again so thrilled to experience that we are all of one web of consciousness. Nothing is separate. The threads of our energy entwine and permeate without end.

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