Personal Retreat


Experience the deep connection of forest bathing, immersion in the presence of the forest, and the impact this has on your body, emotions, and spirit.


Learn to meet trees as unique energy fields. Each tree is an individual and each species has a personal orientation to life. This is an awe-inspiring, life-changing realization.


As you connect with a tree, you connect with your own life source. You and the tree are the same life. You "get" oneness as you experience it in your body.  


Answers and healing can come from this connection.


Learn to notice when a tree beckons to you. Enjoy hands-on connection with these mighty, abiding beings.


Your life will be forever changed.


Each retreat is about 2 hours and takes place in Portland, Oregon.


                  The cost is $22.00 per person, 2 person minimum, please.







Flora Rudolph, 503-754-5250

Thanks! I will contact you to schedule. It is really good.