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Special Holiday Gifts for Your Tree Loving Friends (and you!)

   Free Tips to Tap into the Calming Magic of Trees and the Answers They Hold for You

Connecting with trees is like nothing else, it sweetly lifts you to another dimension- a place of curiosity, intelligence, profound knowing and light-heartedness.

You will find that each species has a very different energy just like we do.

Tree Speak!

This course is not about information, but about stepping out of information into direct experience.

It is about the joy of connecting, exploring, and grounding with earth, trees, and being.

There is a simple and direct way to peace, joy, presence, clarity of purpose, and healing.

The mystery of it is that it has been here all along. I found it by some great luck, or grace, and have been hooked since.

It may be just outside your door.

It is trees and the effects of spending time with trees.

Tree Transformation Oracle Cards

Trees are aware of us and vibrantly alive, even interactive. These are their messages.